Our Fleet

Choose from our fleet of chauffeured vehicles.

Our Fleet of Chauffeured Vehicles

Choosing the right luxury vehicle for your transfer needs is important. That’s why at Transfer Me we
only use the very best. We can supply you with any size vehicle to suit your needs. Talk to us today and
let us help you, book the right chauffeured vehicle for your needs.
Browse through the list of vehicles in “Our Fleet” Our team is standing by to help you make the right
If you have a particular vehicle that you would like and, it is not displayed on “Our Fleet of chauffeured vehicles” please don’t
hesitate to email us with your request. We can certainly do our best to facilitate your needs.
Private air / sea travel:
We can also arrange your private air transport, Business Jet ,Helicopter or Yacht. All air / sea travel can
be arranged with our management.

Mercedes-Benz V Class Xtra LWB

Top of the range people carrier .
Carrying up to 7 passengers . For maximum comfort we recommend 4
to 5 passengers.
The large boot has plenty of luggage space.

Mercedes-Benz S Class LWB

Luxury long wheel base saloon. Perfect for 2/3 people.
Luggage space: 4 Carry on cases or 2 Medium size cases.

Mercedes-Benz SUV

The perfect vehicle for 2 / 3 people with large suitcases. This SUV is
based on the luxurious S Class Saloon.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The ideal vehicle for Business outings, golf or tour. Comfortable seating
for 16 and plenty of luggage space

Mercedes-Benz Coach

Luxurious coach looking after the larger groups. Different size coaches
with seating for up to 78 people and plenty of luggage space.